Hope lives in them, it is nurtured by their smiles and carries a special light with it.
Previa Natural Haircare has chosen to support an important social initiative which aims at collecting donations and grant visibility to Forma Onlus, contributing to bringing a smile and light up hope in the eyes of the children from the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin.


希望之光就在孩子們身上,被他們的笑容滋養著,沛芮亞長期以來支持Forma Onlus基金會,並隨之宣導募款幫助位於義大利杜林一間Regina Margherita兒童醫院孩童的理念,使孩童重拾笑容與燃起眼中的希望之火。

The initiative was born from the idea of two friends who started a journey from Turin to Tokyo onboard their fiat 500 in 1965, visiting children’s hospitals and asking children to design their dreams on paper.
In 2016 Previa Natural Haircare donated 100%  of the proceedings from sales of the  #hopeforkids candle to the Children’s Hospital Foundation Regina Margherita for a total of € 13.000.

最起初的想法是從1965年開始,兩個朋友開著飛雅特500從義大利杜林到日本東京到訪當地兒童醫院,請孩童在紙上寫下他們的夢想。2016年沛芮亞捐出了所有HOPE FOR KIDS蠟燭營收給Regina Margherita兒童醫院基金會,一共13000歐元(台幣約為四十六萬元)

Give a candle as a gift and light up hope.
Contribute to rekindle hope in the eyes of children by buying a candle #hopeforkids and donate a smile to those who need one.
If you want to support the hospital and its initiatives. Check out the “how to donate” section of the website: 


透過購買HOPE FOR KIDS的蠟燭,重燃孩童眼中的希望之火與笑容,

如果您想幫助兒童醫院並認同上述的理念,可以詢問PREVIA Taiwan。